A Request to the Poetry Foundation


As I hope you already know, lots of writers live in less than ideal economic circumstances. Many are self-employed or under-employed, and even with the PPACA (also known as Obamacare) set to go into effect in January, there are still a lot of writers who are a sickness away from, in some cases, complete financial ruin.

Sandra Simonds, who’s written for us before, has penned an open letter to the Poetry Foundation asking them to spend some of the massive endowment (or even just some of the interest it earns) to help poets in need. Jenny Gropp Hess turned that open letter into a petition, which I urge you to sign. There’s also a Facebook group you can join, which emphasizes the fact that this is not an attack on the Poetry Foundation. Rather it’s just a request that they use some of their resources to help out members of the poetry community who are in desperate need.

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