Typing Writer


OK, this is kind of crazy, but we’ve launched our first app, Typing Writer! It turns your iPad into a typewriter. It’s a tool for getting first drafts on the page. It’s also really neat, because it literally works like a typewriter. And it comes loaded with first drafts from Melissa Febos, Jim Shepard, Rick Moody, Amy Brill, Tao Lin, and me. If you’re an older(ish) person, you might remember using a typewriter, and how, in ways, it felt more productive than a word processor. Because you had to keep going.

It was just this idea. We thought it would be cool. We mentioned it to some friends. I’m not sure we really thought we would finish it but we started and kept going and now it exists. How crazy is that?2014-06-30 17.43.11

More information on Typing Writer here.

Check it out in the iTunes store here.

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