Sunday Links


This week’s Sunday Rumpus essay by Jean Kim got me thinking about the kind of retrospective realizations that make us wish we could go back in time and do something differently, or at least apologize for our inability to do so.  What synchronicity then to run across “Self Portrait in Apologies” by Sarah Einstein. Sarah is the winner of the 2014 AWP award for Creative Nonfiction.

Jean Kim’s essay also got me thinking about our relationship to pets, dogs in particular. My kids keep begging for one, and my son in particular really lays it on thick. “It’s a living being you can have a relationship with and you always know it’ll always be happy to see you. It won’t change its mind.” It brings to mind Laura Bogart’s essay in Salon about her relationship with her German Shepard Tova.

And then there’s the Ploughshares series Writers and Their Pets. Do you guys know about that? Here are Six New Tricks your Dog Can Teach You About Writing offered up by Kate Flaherty.

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