The Rumpus National Poetry Month Project


Every year, The Rumpus celebrates National Poetry Month by running new poems from poets we admire. We feature a different poet each day, and aim to illustrate the variety in voices and styles of poetry being written today. New poems will appear weekday afternoons at 3 p.m. PT, and weekends at noon PT. We’ll post links to them on our Facebook pages and Twitter feeds (@The_Rumpus and @RumpusPoetry). We hope you’ll check back each day for new poems.

We’ll kick off the month tomorrow with two poems from Lee-Ann Roripaugh. See you then!

Brian Spears's first collection of poetry, A Witness in Exile, is now available through Louisiana Literature Press, and at his personal website. He is the Poetry Editor for The Rumpus, and teaches poetry at Drake University. More from this author →