Be a Mentor for Girls Write Now


We love Girls Write Now, a community of professional women writers and media makers on a mission: for 18 years, their award-winning programs have provided creative and academic guidance, support, and opportunities for young writers in New York City.

And the program is looking for its 2017-18 mentors! Mentees and mentors become writing partners, collaborators, and lifelong friends. A typical pair session can involve building on a work in progress, fine-tuning application essays for a college-bound senior, editing each other’s poems, or taking a field trip to places designed to inspire, like museums, movies, or a new neighborhood.

Girls Write Now has two mentoring programs that empower mentees and mentors to grow in their craft as storytellers: the Writing & Mentoring Program and the Digital Media Mentoring Program. Take a look at both, and if you’re in New York and available, please apply! This is life-changing experience and a way give back to our community and equip the next generation of writers with tools they’ll need to change the world. Applications are due June 1.

Marisa Siegel currently lives, writes, and edits near NYC but thinks twenty times a day about heading back west. She is Editor-in-Chief and owner of The Rumpus. Find her on Twitter at @marisasaystweet. More from this author →