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David Biespiel’s Poetry Wire: Cornerstones of American Poetry


The only way I can put it is, no American poet I have ever met regardless of disposition or poetics has disliked Frank Stanford’s poems. ...more

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David Biespiel’s Poetry Wire: Midnight in the Century

By’s poetry apologists for the Iraq war just keep repeating their intelligence error odes. Wouldn’t it be better, however, if they would address the horror of the failed effort in Iraq? ...more


David Biespiel’s Poetry Wire: The Poet’s Journey: Chapter 10


Becoming a poet means locating what images and symbols, what argument and figuration, are best suited to convey the aspects of change you most want to reveal through your writing. ...more


David Biespiel’s Poetry Wire: The State of American Poetry Address


Poets, Poetesses, and Unacknowledged Legislators of Mankind:

I address you at a moment unprecedented in the history of Poetry. I use the word “unprecedented,” because at no previous time has American poetry been as seriously threatened as it is today.

Since the permanent formation of the art of American poetry under the Constitution, in 1789, most of the periods of crisis in our history have related to our narrative affairs.


David Biespiel’s Poetry Wire: A New Poetry Emerges from Iran


If war is a defeat for poetry, what is diplomacy? Like poetry, diplomacy involves craft and discretion, finesse and poise, skill and subtlety. It requires canniness, deliberation, presence of mind, and shrewdness, as well as providence and wisdom.

I’ve been thinking about what poetry might tell us about the landmark deal the United States and five other world powers made this week with Iran to curb its nuclear program in an effort to prevent Tehran from building nuclear bombs.