National Poetry Month Day 29: “City of Eternal Spring” by Afaa M. Weaver


City of Eternal Spring

My mind rises up as the silos of interchanges,
streams, passages of myself in floating layers
so nothing can connect, and I dream emptiness
on ships sailing to new places for new names,
this ship my hands cupped in front of me,
a beggar’s bowl, a scooped out moon, a mouth
opened to make noiseless screams, to arrange,
to begin, to break through to stop my arrogance,
believing what I touch, see, feel, hear, taste make
a case for being alive, so I can stop believing what
happens when a caterpillar dreams itself beautiful.


National Poetry Month Day 28: from “Bombyonder” by Reb Livingston


from Bombyonder

Without an imaginary world, without a proper backpack, without my little pink orb,

without an old tablet’s commandments, without a hair dryer, empty hands, empty

birdcage obscured by a crate of empties.

Left without a predictable choice, without direct involvement, without being wiser, left

without leave, left what I came with, left with myself.


National Poetry Month Day 25: “Rogue Benediction” by Wendy C. Ortiz


Rogue Benediction

And we entered the Valley of the Rogue.
And we slowed to a crawl.
The night’s envelope sealed us in.
After several hours, cars deep on the interstate,
we resigned ourselves: this first night
would be the gateway, the opening to a roguish place
where I would no longer have answers,
become unable to make plans, in other words:
less solid.