The Rumpus Poetry Book Club

stack-of-booksBecause our Book Club has been so much fun, and because we also love poetry and think people should read more poetry, we’ve started a Rumpus Poetry Book Club.

How it works: Exactly the same as our regular book club, but a little cheaper because most of the books are expected to be paperbacks (though a lot of them will probably be hardcover as well). So it’s $25 a month plus shipping (click to subscribe). You can sign up for both the poetry book club and the regular book club for $48 a month by clicking here.

Every month a member of our poetry advisory board will choose a forthcoming poetry book (more information on the advisory board here). Sometimes we’ll let a special guest choose a book. The chooser of the book will write a post about why they picked each book and host that month’s exclusive online discussion with the book club and the author. To see what one of those discussions look like go here. We’ll publish an edited version of the discussion on The Rumpus, something like this.

Books will ship to members roughly a month before publication date. International members will get their books shipped using international priority mail, which is expensive, but the only way to get you the book in a timely fashion.

You can write a review of the book and we’ll run the best written review(s) on the website. You don’t have to participate in the discussion or review the book; you can just subscribe to receive a new, unpublished poetry book every month.

We’re going to try to only read good books. Of course, all creative writing is subjective. But if we choose a poetry book it’s because we believe it’s really good. We’ll often have to choose between several really good poetry books, but there’s no way around that.

Hope you can join us in this. The book club is so fun and we just want to keep going with it, and we want to include the poets. Programs like our Book Club put you in direct communication with the literary community and keep The Rumpus running in one fell swoop!