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The Rumpus Poetry Book Club Chat with Gabrielle Calvocoressi


Gabrielle Calvocoressi discusses her new collection Rocket Fantastic, the fluid nature of gender, and the reader as collaborator with the text. ...more

This Week in Posivibes: Kate Bush Forever


Every day’s a good day to admire the genius of Kate Bush. We assume it’s in that spirit that Pitchfork published a piece on Hounds of Love, the artist’s 1985 album. The author interviewed Bush upon the album’s release, and the piece follows the trajectory of “the most musically serious and yet outwardly whimsical star of her time.” One of the review’s more stand-out lines refers to an earlier album, The Dreaming:

 Both “Breathing” and its video is set in a uterus; “In the Warm Room” exalts vaginas the same way Led Zeppelin sang about dicks.