Jonathan Lethem Meets The Thing


I was waiting on a couple the other night at a restaurant where I work, and I saw a strange box on their table that had Jonathan Lethem‘s name printed on it.

When they opened it up, a pair of black glasses rested inside, and they asked me if I would try them on.  So I did.  Then they asked, “Do you see any chaldrons?” at which point I was like “wtf?”

They tried to explain to me what The Thing is.  Started by Jonn Herschend and Will Rogan, The Thing is “an object based quarterly publication” where artists, writers, musicians, film artists, etc., create an object that somehow includes text.  The object is made, wrapped and sent out to you, the diligent subscriber.  The point is that Jonathan Lethem got involved with The Thing, made some crazy glasses, and talked about chaldrons.