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Repel the Wind


Why would I ask for my sanity from the Devil as I sleep walk, only to give it up again to the Holy Spirit? ...more

Market Researching My Desire


I noted the weirdness, and then filed it away until a time I might really consider the implications of wanting to bury someone’s stockings. I was lost in metaphor, which meant I was lost in everything. ...more

Gregor Samsa Dreams of RoboCop


Susan Bernofsky, in the introduction to her new translation of Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, compares Gregor Samsa to famed American literary character Willy Loman. Over at the LA Review of Books, David Burr Gerrard praises the translation but disagrees that this is the character with whom Gregor has most in common:

Perhaps the troubled dreams from which Gregor awakes as an insect were dreams of military service.