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Album of the Week: Tei Shi’s Crawl Space


Tei Shi is Valerie Teicher—born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, raised between Bogota, Colombia, and Vancouver, Canada, she now lives in New York after graduating from Boston’s Berklee College of Music. Her new album, Crawl Space, out now from Downtown Records, is her coming-of-age diary transposed into music.


Sound & Vision: John Holmstrom, Roberta Bayley, and Chris Stein


John Holmstrom, Roberta Bayley, and Chris Stein discuss punk music, legendary rock venue CBGB, the philosophy of punk, and Johnny Power Ranger toys. ...more

Wanted/Needed/Loved: Chris Frantz’s Pocket Camera


What I want/need/love most are the tools that allow me to document what I see and experience, at home and in my travels, now and in the future. ...more