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Swinging Modern Sounds #77: People Give Me Things, Part One


[T]he thing about receiving music from other people is this: there is always some grace associated with the transaction. ...more

The Rumpus Review of Bridget Jones’s Baby


Perhaps Bridget fans who watched the movies but never read the books might not find this movie to be such a hard blow... But those who read the books—and those who loved the pilgrim soul in Bridget—will feel the loss more keenly. ...more

Emulation vs. Copyright Infringement


Marvin Gaye’s influence on music is undeniably significant and pervasive. Given that, how does one measure the difference between emulation and rip-off? In the case of Robin Thicke and Pharrell’s “Blurred Lines,” the use of Gaye’s music was so undeniable and complete that even a casual listener could identify the misuse.