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Album of the Week: Dust by Laurel Halo


Born in Michigan but currently based in Berlin, Germany, Laurel Halo is one of the most compelling electronic producers around. Halo’s third album, Dust, is out now from Hyperdub, and is breaking all preconceptions about women in electronic music.

Mixing experimental beats, synth pop, and abstract sounds, with techno hints that peek out in her live sets, the classical and free-jazz trained musician creates a new, 3D sonic experience in her compositions.


Sound & Vision: Ken Freedman


Allyson McCabe talks with Ken Freedman, the general manager of WFMU (the longest-running freeform radio station in the US), about the relevance of radio, technological innovation, and a just-launched morning show. ...more

Sound & Vision: Tim Barnes


Internationally recognized percussionist, composer, sound designer, and audio archivist Tim Barnes talks with Allyson McCabe about how his musical career has developed and changed, and what he's up to now. ...more

Swinging Modern Sounds #68: A Way of Life


The thing about Scott Tuma is: the immense pathos of the recordings... Almost no one, frankly, is allowed to sound this sad and continue to have a musical career. ...more
Bjork - Debut | Albums of Our Lives

Albums of Our Lives: Björk’s Debut


Music is the ultimate consolation for reality’s letdowns (like being thirteen and still firmly living in the realm of childhood). I would listen to “Venus as a Boy” on repeat in my bedroom, curtains drawn, and imagine Allan’s face, his arms, his chest, his body. ...more

Swinging Modern Sounds #62: Stillness as Metaphor


I am after a music that renders life as it is, and which invites in the intermittent pulsations of life. ...more