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Swinging Modern Sounds #69: Meaning Yes


When in need of comfort, it’s always worth trying close reading. ...more

Christmas in the Heart

Swinging Modern Sounds #63: It’s Supposed to Be Bad


Rick Moody emails with Scott Timberg, author of the new book Culture Crash: The Killing of the Creative Class, about Bob Dylan's new Sinatra covers album, the need for cultural gatekeepers, and the "slippery sub genre" of bad-on-purpose art. ...more

Aural Fixations, The Rumpus Mixtape #11: Conversation Hearts


Conversation Hearts

Two Words. Infinite Meanings. True Love. Missed Connections. 50% Divorce. First Date. Happy Nights. Sad Days. Star Crossed. Wedded Bliss. Bad Breakup. Holding Hands. Making Out. Great Sex. Poly Love.