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An Ultimate Illustrated Fantasy Guide of Gilmore Girls Mashups


HOW AWESOME WOULD THESE MASHUPS BE? Oh well. Maybe next year. ...more

Fair Dancin’ Mad: A Scottish Town Fights Trump


Councilor Ford pauses to catch his breath. “For goodness sakes do not elect [Trump]. It would be a catastrophe. Not only for the United States but for the world.” ...more

The Rumpus Book Club Chat with Mark Leyner


Mark Leyner on his new book Gone with the Mind, pressuring the novel form, being a purist Dionysian, and artisanal pap smears. ...more

When Journalistic Ethics Aren’t So Ethical


In the course of writing a story about a golf club, a Grantland journalist named Caleb Hannan discovered that the club’s inventor was a transgender woman. She ended up committing suicide, which, though he doesn’t seem to realize it’s a possibility, could very well be the result of his outing her.