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Don’t Think Twice and the Power of Improvising through the Unknown


It’s a little extraordinary when you realize that you’re the one getting in your own way. ...more
Daniel Felsenfeld | Rumpus Music

A Year In The Life: Premiere Perseveration


I once, years ago, sat next to a colleague at a premiere, and as the lights dimmed I whispered, “Why do I do this to myself?” And yet, I persist. ...more

Think (and Think Some More) Before You Speak


Notably, there are a few verbal tics that we mistakenly think index insecurity, even though they don’t. These (mostly feminine) quirks—uptalk, vocal fry—are often subtle expressions of power, innovativeness, or upward mobility. In fact, Adam Gopnik recently wrote about how verbal fillers like “um” and “you know” underscore a speaker’s conscientiousness, her sensitivity to the details she must, for reasons of economy, leave unsaid.