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#SuicideGirls: Why I Teach Sylvia Plath


But let’s not forget: feminism is, at least in part, about choice, and portions of life are play, not politics. Play and relationships and creativity and whatever we want. ...more

The Storming Bohemian Punks the Muse #32: Make the Soup


I am meditating. In a room in Rodeo, at the rickety old secretary/dresser I use as a desk. It is by a window. I look out at the roadway, and think I am glad to live at a crossroad. The house across the street is silver grey.


Sound & Vision: Brendan Toller


Allyson McCabe talks with Brendan Toller about his love of vinyl records, buying music in local stores, and his latest documentary film Danny Says, an examination of publicist and manager Danny Fields. ...more

Reading Mademoiselle Gantrel


We squinted into the smoky room and saw ourselves on junior year abroad, frolicking on the Left Bank with artists in berets like hers. ...more

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Making a Murderer and “Bad” Families


There were “good” families and “bad” families, and even I, an outsider, was quickly apprised of which was which. ...more