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This Week in Essays


Here at The Rumpus, this essay by Liz Latty on challenging the fairy tale myth of adoption is receiving a tremendous response from readers.

Malloy Owen has written a mind-opening essay for The Point providing a valuable perspective that challenges liberals to reexamine liberalism.


America Again


I felt urgently that it was the moment to tell the story of what I’ve learned about American music—or maybe about being an American. ...more
Daniel Felsenfeld | Rumpus Music

A Year In The Life: Premiere Perseveration


I once, years ago, sat next to a colleague at a premiere, and as the lights dimmed I whispered, “Why do I do this to myself?” And yet, I persist. ...more

A Year in the Life: Deadlines,  A Love Story


Deadlines make me crazy. They cause me anxiety, sleepless nights, and self-hatred, but they also make me work very hard, and to manage to always, somehow, so far, pull it off. ...more