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Choosing Stories: On Partisanship, the Media, & American Ideology in 2016


What kind of change do I want, and what does fighting for it look like, today? ...more

The Man with the Biggest Mouth


“The guys with the biggest mouths are always the most fragile.”
–Donald Trump, at a rally in New Orleans, March 4th 2016

Leaving the airplane hangar, thousands of Trump 2016 signs sandwiched under the arms of red, white, and blue t-shirts and American flag windbreakers, I find myself unlucky enough to be walking behind a trio of white, middle-aged men back to the distant parking lot.


David Biespiel’s Poetry Wire: Midnight in the Century

By’s poetry apologists for the Iraq war just keep repeating their intelligence error odes. Wouldn’t it be better, however, if they would address the horror of the failed effort in Iraq? ...more