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Swinging Modern Sounds #80: I Just Don’t Want to Wait Around Anymore


Mulcahy’s Possum is, like the animal titularly referred to, a sly and imaginative affair... ...more

Swinging Modern Sounds #77: People Give Me Things, Part One


[T]he thing about receiving music from other people is this: there is always some grace associated with the transaction. ...more

“Dear Mark J. Mulcahy, I’m Very Appreciative of This Interview You Did With Rick Moody”


Read Rumpus columnist Rick Moody‘s interview with songwriter-visionary Mark Mulcahy (formerly of the legendary ’80s–’90s college rock band Miracle Legion) about Mulcahy’s latest album “Dear Mark J. Mulcahy, I Love You” over at Salon.

Here Mulcahy discusses the writing and recording process, the album’s thematic darkness—something he attributes to what he describes as “a bleak view of people”—and (unfortunately) the reasons why we shouldn’t expect a new Miracle Legion record anytime soon.