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Alone in the woods: A New Memoir


Rumpus contributor Micah Perks has a new eBook out on Shebooks called, Alone In The Woods: Cheryl Strayed, my daughter and me.

Micah Perks’ candid short memoir takes an insightful look at women and the wild, the wildness she experienced as a child on a commune in the Adirondack wilderness, the ways women and wildness are depicted in movies and books like Cheryl Strayed’s bestselling memoir Wild, and the wilderness she discovers inside her own daughter.



Nick Cave Monday #13: “Babe, I’m On Fire”


Clocking in at 14 minutes, 43 seconds is “Babe, I’m On Fire.”

The video is so much fun. I would have worked for free as a PA on that shoot just to watch the mayhem in person.

For most of the song is Nick calling out characters who say, “Babe, I’m on fire.” Like mom and dad and grandpa.