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Good Girls Revolt and Female-Focused Sex on TV


Sexual politics run through the very veins of this show. They are its blood, and they know how to get the female viewer’s heart pumping. ...more

The Read Along: Jessa Crispin


Jessa Crispin on reading abroad, watching ships chug through the Bosporus, and watching Outlander. ...more

Podcatcher #4: Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness


Jonathan Van Ness discusses his podcast, Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness, fierceness, curiosity, and hairstyles. ...more

YA Television


This summer’s debate over young adult literature has raised questions ranging from whether adults should read YA to what even counts as thee genre in the first place. The New Yorker’s television critic Emily Nussbaum extends these questions to the world of television, where adolescent dramas have had a different impact on the development and survival of the medium:

This debate has focused on books.