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Fair Dancin’ Mad: A Scottish Town Fights Trump


Councilor Ford pauses to catch his breath. “For goodness sakes do not elect [Trump]. It would be a catastrophe. Not only for the United States but for the world.” ...more

Dedicate Your No-Trump Vote: Michelle Hoover


You see, when a man believes he has the power to grant a woman personhood by admiring her looks or her body’s use to him... he also believes he has the power to take it away. Trump believes he has this power. ...more

Dedicate Your No-Trump Vote: Jay Baron Nicorvo


So my No-Trump Vote is for all the grown kids of single mothers, in the hope that they come to value—before it’s too late—the person who more closely resembles our sacrificing moms than our dodgy deadbeat dads. ...more

This Week in Short Fiction


As the stump speeches and primary dates continue to roll on and thousands of Americans develop stress ulcers, Darcey Steinke delivers a humorous and terrifying vision of our dystopian future should Donald Trump win the presidential election. “The Blue Toes,” over at Catapult, features a distinctly Trump-like figure called “the Tomato” and his followers, the eponymous “Blue Toes,” who rise up after the polls are called and flock to New York City to oust the liberals:

The livestream camera fixed on the side of the road showed the Blue Toes moving thick and fast.