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Look Blue Go Purple

Songs of Our Lives: Look Blue Go Purple’s “Circumspect Penelope”


Distance always seduced me—distance from whatever was most familiar, especially myself—but the difficulties in achieving such remove vexed me. ...more


Lines Like Loss, Like Leaving


I know you understand me when I tell you this. I know you understand dead of night. Tell me what lines you’ve read so I know how to imagine you. Tell me who is gone. Tell me if you, like me, always think of going. ...more


Towards a Fight


The future is coming, it is coming for everyone in this story. Someday that cop will turn on his TV and see the first black president, the first president who looks like he does, say that he thinks couples like me and Dee ought to be able to marry if we want to. Which probably means we ought to be able to kiss. ...more

Mendokusai (I Can’t Be Bothered)


Young people who aren’t interested in marriage or children, sure, but young people who aren’t interested in sex?

According to this article in the Guardian, that’s increasingly the case in Japan, where a government survey “found that 45% of women aged 16-24 ‘were not interested in or despised sexual contact'” and “an astonishing 90% of young women believe that staying single is ‘preferable to what they imagine marriage to be like.'”

Read the whole thing for more on a dominatrix turned relationship counselor, adult-diaper sales vs.