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Truth and Beauty: Talking with Joshua Wolf Shenk


The new Editor-in-Chief of The Believer dismantles stereotypes of Las Vegas, discusses the magazine's acquisition, and makes a case for bringing journalism into the academy. ...more

Gawker’s Special Projects Editor


After Racket Teen, the First Look Media startup for which he was working, failed, Alex Pareene joined Gawker, where he holds the “amusingly vague title of ‘Special Projects Editor.’” Here’s his idea, in Spy Magazine-like tradition:

Over the next few weeks, I plan to work closely with site leads, editors and reporters from all the Gawker Media sites to identify the perfect targets — the most obnoxious puffed-up blowhards, sanctimonious poobahs, corrupt gatekeepers, venal officials, and credulous watchdogs in each site’s respective fields — and dream up entertaining ways to embarrass or expose them.