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Bring on Your Wrecking Balls


There is hope, and hopelessness, whenever wrecking balls are sung. ...more

Swinging Modern Sounds #73: Prince Rogers Nelson, Guitar Player: A Symposium


I started thinking about additional, more slantwise ways we might talk about his legacy. What if I organized a bunch of guitar players? ...more

Sound & Vision: John Congleton


Allyson McCabe speaks with GRAMMY-winning producer/engineer John Congleton about what it's like to make music in today's technological and economic environments, and the benefits of being open to adaptation. ...more

Sound & Vision: Daniel Mintseris


Keyboardist and programmer Daniel Mintseris discusses his work with St. Vincent and Annie Clark, coming to the US from Lithuania at nineteen, and the difference between traditional composition and writing music on instinct using cutting-edge technology. ...more

St. Vincent


Annie Clark has yet to write a bad song. The strikingly beautiful (just check out either of her LP covers or do yourself an even bigger favor and go see her live) singer-songwriter began her career touring with the likes of The Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens before releasing 2007’s magisterial Marry Me (Beggar’s Banquet) which included such barnstormers as the gnarly “Marry Me” single and the seductive “Your Lips Are Red.”

The LP boasted of Clark’s myriad skills and operatic singing voice and proved girls may indeed be having all the fun.