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The Business of Making Art: A Conversation with Beatriz Ramos


Beatriz Ramos discusses DADA, the digital platform she hopes will democratize art and reimagine the Internet's potential for visual artists. ...more

Radiohead’s Latest Cartoon


Radiohead’s new music video “Burn the Witch” has debuted, and uses imagery reminiscent of a classic British children’s cartoon to render its very unsettling message about the spread of hate in (we’re just guessing, but trust that the allegory is quite strong) contemporary nativist politics across the West.


The Rumpus Interview with Elisa Ambrogio and Naomi Yang


Renaissance women Elisa Ambrogio and Naomi Yang discuss stop motion music videos, the female mythology of rock-n-roll, and giving ourselves permission to be creative, make music, and explore art in an intuitive way. ...more