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Wanted/Needed/Loved: Sonny Smith’s Skate Zine


In one way or another we all tell stories to ourselves about who we are. ...more

This Week in Short Fiction


Austin-based indie publisher A Strange Object unleashed a new digital magazine this week called Covered with Fur. The site is an elegant lesson in design, sleek and simple with just two large rectangles to choose from for its weekly offerings, labeled “Fiction” and “Not.” According to their Submissions page, which is currently open, the “Not” category includes nonfiction writings in the form of microessays, essays, or columns about objects including “treatments of found things, repurposings, archival encounters… [also] writing on design or attachment or loss.”

With their first issue, Covered with Fur sets the fiction bar high with Bess Winter’s story, “Are You Running Away?”


Sound & Vision: Gail Ann Dorsey


Gail Ann Dorsey, a top session bassist and singer-songwriter who’s worked with David Bowie, Bryan Ferry, Dar Williams, Tears For Fears, the Indigo Girls, Gwen Stefani, Lenny Kravitz, and many more, talks recording, touring, and learning to play. ...more