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Translating the Elderly: Amour, The Intern, and Our Many Selves


The elderly become reminders not of our imminent mortality, but of our ever-evolving humanity, our enduring lust—and need—for connection and purpose. ...more

The Intern and the Rejectionist


It’s your two favorite formerly anonymous publishing-industry-bloggers-turned-YA-novelists in one post!

Which is to say: Hilary T. Smith (aka The Intern) interviewed Sarah McCarry (The Rejectionist) about her new book All Our Pretty Songs. A preview:

There is also a weird cultural assumption that if a book is published as young adult it is obligated to provide some sort of moral instruction to its audience, which is deeply bizarre to me…It is not my job as a writer to instill Christian values in schoolchildren, regardless of how my book is marketed…