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Kurt Vonnegut Loved Adobe Books, And You Should Too


Here’s a lovely addition to the ongoing up-again-down-again saga of Adobe Books: Herbert Gold describes Kurt Vonnegut’s last trip to San Francisco, during which the two visited the “eternal no-rent bookshop.”

Vonnegut ended up signing a $1.95 used copy of Slaughterhouse Five, which the store’s owners were able to sell “to a collector for enough to cover the threat of eviction for a month or two.”

The trip also included burritos, which is the obvious food choice in the Mission, of course, but the image of Kurt Vonnegut snarfing a burrito under that “bristle of mustache” is somehow surprising and delightful.


SF’s Adobe Bookshop Lives!


Good news: Adobe Bookshop, which has spent twenty-three years in the Mission, will not be closing despite rising rent.

Andrew McKinley, the proprietor of Adobe, explains his plan to transform the shop.

“I choose to be an optimist and believe that the store can be saved, providing enough people band together to contribute labor, sufficient funds, and creative energy to transform Adobe Bookshop into a viable cooperative business entity.