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Sound & Vision: John Congleton


Allyson McCabe speaks with GRAMMY-winning producer/engineer John Congleton about what it's like to make music in today's technological and economic environments, and the benefits of being open to adaptation. ...more

Sound & Vision: Brian McTear


Music producer Brian McTear talks with Allyson McCabe about building a studio centered on relationships with musicians, his non-profit Weathervane, and the end of the DIY era. ...more

Song of the Day: “Red Eyes”


The War On Drugs decided to name themselves after a bitter conflict, but their last album, Lost in the Dream, invokes anything but strife. Though the lyrics of “Red Eyes,” the second track off the record, are inscrutable at times—“Come ride away/ It’s easier to stick to the earth / Surrounded by the night / Surrounded by the night”—the jubilant guitar and synth are joined by the driving percussion to create the sensation of a blissful journey.