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Wanted/Needed/Loved: Weyes Blood’s Mysterious Kris


To this day no one really knows where my kris came from or whether or not it’s a significant part of my family history, if it’s a random object or an heirloom with an untold story. ...more

This Week in Posivibes: Drugdealer


Michael Collins’s latest project has an enviable list of collaborators, including Weyes Blood, Ariel PinkMild High Club, Sheer Agony, and members of Mac DeMarco’s band. While some reviews seem preoccupied with the tongue-in-cheek names Collins gives to each of his projects, it seems to us that the more important thing to notice is that these songs are pleasingly jammy, with modulating trippy pacing at times and exactly the kind of throwback pop sound we’d expect from its collaborators.