Rapture House


Rapture House has created a variety of avant garde projects, outre in both subject matter and execution. Consisting in part of the husband and wife team of Polly Frost and Ray Sawhill. Together they’ve spearheaded two innovative new productions: SEX SCENES and THE FOLD.

SEX SCENES is an audio production that can be likened to a radio play recorded under a red light. SCENES uncovers the tale of Kati Paxton, a filmmaker who is using her mettle and moxie to make a mainstream erotic film in Hollywood. With over 10 hours of episodes, and a roster of fresh actors injecting their voices into the mix, SEX SCENES breaks ground for narrative in the aural arena.

is a web-based mini-series that can just barely be considered a time-traveling sci-fi sex comedy involving Aspergers Syndrome.

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