The High Definite: Definitely Awesome


It’s rare to wade through the kiddie pool of the Internet and be taken out at the ankles by a website that’s the equivalent of a great white shark. The High Definite is such a site. A combination of random entertainment, snark, and style, it’s what most men’s magazines wish they could be.

There are “High Definite Exclusives” which include comprehensive coverage on such riveting subjects as Boner Jams of the 1990s and a list of the best sites that specialize in lists. There are random links that lead you to tidbits of information you didn’t even know you needed, such as how to trick your brain into thinking it’s on LSD and why children are actually pretty awesome. Not to mention that there are videos, style sections, and a robust archive. customized fat loss program

So, if you have no time to waste, do not click through to The High Definite. You’ll find yourself in a rabbit hole of awesome, only to be spat out at the end of the workday.  As it says on its About page, “If you’re under 30, at a job you hate, working for an asshole you can’t stand, then this site is for you.”

Ainsley Drew is a native New Yorker, freelance writer, and euphemism enthusiast. Her work has been featured in The New York Press, McSweeney’s, The Morning News, and Curve Magazine, among other totally sweet publications. An avid fan of all sports, but especially the NBA, when she's not stalking 6'10" centers she eats way too much Japanese food, plays word games, and hits on anything that moves. Aiming high, she hopes to one day be a notorious literary celebrity with her name in tabloids. She also has eleven fingers, so she can type faster than you. You can find her and ainsleydrew. Be her Internet friend. More from this author →