Saturday Morning Links


pee-electric1I’m coming up on the end of a semester, so forgive me if this morning’s links seem a little obsessive about alcohol. For starters, what does the US have in common with Fiji, Palau and Micronesia? We’re the only non-Muslim countries with an across-the-board drinking age of 21. Funny–that doesn’t seem to reduce the number of students who come to my classes hung over.

If anyone in the New Orleans area wants to pick up a sixer of Abita Brewery’s Strawberry Harvest for me, I’d much appreciate it. I’m not the biggest fan of fruit flavored beer, but Abita won me over years ago with Purple Haze, so I’ll trust them on anything.

In non-beer-related linking, here’s a cool way to waste some time and make some music all at once.

There’s too much stuff going on here for me to pick just one item–go read it all.

Take a stroll through Michael Jackson’s brain–yes, it’s as disturbing as you think.

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