What’s New with Rick Moody


Identitytheory.com has posted an interview with Rumpus music guru and all-around literary genius Rick Moody.

The Q&A, conducted by Meg White (no, not THAT Meg White), delves into the vortex of newness swirling about Moody—the new father (congrats, Rick!) has a new novel in the works, a new album set for release from his band The Wingdale Community Singers, and of course, a new gig as The Rumpus’ music blogger.

From the oblique preview offered during the interview, his new novel, a “slightly futuristic and dystopian” tale featuring a loud-mouthed chimpanzee and an “economically second rate” United States, looks to be vintage Moody—a ribald yet emotionally deep piece of searing satirical intelligence.

Moody also talks about how his music writing has forced him to write “without excessive punctiliousness,” and about how becoming a new father might make Moody’s notoriously “gleeful…lancing of hypocrisies” become less… well… moody?

Sorry.  While you’re recovering from that terrible pun, check out the interview for yourself.  And don’t forget to read Moody’s Swing Modern Sounds blog here on The Rumpus.

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