Saturday Morning Links


Welcome to Saturday, everyone. Hope you find this stuff as entertaining as I did.

I’m not quite sure just what to make of this story: women in bathing sits and cartoonists drawing on them. Interesting photos at the very least.

This is happening in Florida too: University of California executives are getting raises while faculty and staff are being asked to do more work for the same or less pay.

Crows are freaking smart. When humans die out, they’re taking over–not the cockroaches.

24% of Tweets are made by bots. And they’re about 2/3 of my followers. (You can follow me too if you’re interested.)

The future of journalism means you’ll depend on me. Okay, not me personally, but people like me, but with more desirable tastes in what’s important on the internet.

And finally, a fan’s eye look at the death of John Hughes. Not just any fan, mind you; a fan who corresponded with him from 1985-87.

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