Saturday Morning Links


It’s Saturday morning. Get the sleep out your eyes and start clicking.

Farhad Manjoo has some solid ideas on how to beat the Kindle. Now, if only Amazon’s competitors will listen.

There is great sadness in Sequoia National Park, at least for someone.

Do you love car chase scenes in movies? They look a lot different on Google Maps.

If you’re planning a terrorist attack, don’t dress up like Ghostbusters, because the neighbors will turn your asses in. (Via Harpers)

David Simon makes the case for why tv ratings no longer matter.

This article on the politics of hair is fascinating, and I have no doubt the Chris Rock-produced documentary it references will be as well.

The Dallas Cowboys spent a bajillion dollars on a new stadium this year, but put the giant tv screens low enough to the field that punters can hit them. Deadspin has a drinking game for that..

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