Saturday Morning Links


Happy Halloween! Don’t get arrested for going trick-or-treating dressed as Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen.

It may be too late to order this as a last-minute Halloween costume, but I’m sure Rumpusers could find something interesting to do with glow-in-the-dark underwear. And I agree with Adam Frucci on this–where’s the male line? Some of us guys might want to make our junk radiant too.

If you have an hour to kill and you love great music, it’s hard to top the video of the pilot episode of Austin City Limits from 1974, featuring a much younger Willie Nelson and Family.

Here’s an internet experiment worth taking part in, I think–the construction of new collective nouns. Most are ridiculous, but I really liked “a fixie of hipsters.”

Trying to figure out which religion is the right one for you? Flowchart!

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