Saturday Morning Links


Winter has finally come to south Florida, by which I mean it’s a nipple-hardening 51 degrees Fahrenheit as I type this and you can discern the locals from the transplants by the size (or lack) of the coats they’re wearing.

Quoting Catullus in a text message can get you into trouble, depending on what part you quote.

Paul Constant: “It’s a soul-crushingly awful time to be an author, I guess is my point.”

A good, basic Q&A on writing and publishing at HTMLGIANT

Richard Nash says “publishing will never be stable again.” He and Paul Constant should have a beer together. (Via Linebreak)

And finally, in the spirit of Thanksgiving and with the end of the decade looming, I am thankful that we here at The Rumpus don’t do lists, even if Umberto Eco thinks they’re the origin of culture.

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