Science Saturday


The Large Hadron Collider has started up again. The collisions aren’t supposed to begin until January, which is ahead of schedule. Perhaps that’s why there hasn’t been a big-budget disaster flick about it–still time to get something on the SyFy Original Movie front.

Next time you go for sushi, you might wonder if that’s really tuna you’re eating.

The FDA might ban caffeine-alcohol drinks from the market unless makers can provide scientific evidence that they’re safe. Presumably, one will still be able to order an Irish Coffee from a bar.

Intel wants brain implants in peoples’ heads by 2020. One step closer to my plan for immortality–being downloaded into a cyborg body.

And in a good news/bad news story, the University of Nebraska Board of Regents voted to continue their current policy on stem cell research. The bad news? The vote was a tie, which means that half the Board of Regents bought into the anti-science arguments in the first place.

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