Science Saturday


Photos of the sternwheeler A. J. Goddard, a ship that sank in the Yukon in 1901, have just been released. From the article: ”
The five crewmen’s boots, kicked off in haste as they abandoned ship, were found on the deck. Fresh firewood was still in the boiler, and cooking pots and other utensils were scattered about.” There’s also a video of the wreck.

This isn’t everything you’ve ever wanted to know about raptor talons, but it’s a nice start.

Engineers at Northwestern University are working on AI that will create virtual newscasts, perhaps even anchoring broadcasts via avatars. Wait, you mean Nancy Grace is a real person?

Scientists have trapped a rainbow. That’s about all I understood from that article.

And finally, I think I’ll be spending some time disassembling and (hopefully) reassembling my Roomba this afternoon. One of the drive wheels is jammed. If anyone has expertise or suggestions on how to fix it, feel free to email me at poetry-at-therumpus-dot-net or message me on Twitter.

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