Funny Women Around the Web, 12/18/09


One of the funniest women on Internet–actually, one of the funniest women alive–is D.E. Rasso, did you know? Thanks to Maud Newton now I know. I really love Maud Newton.

The important National Review recently discussed D.E. Rasso and her feminist ideals/emotional causalities at the hand of a commitment-free sex-having abusive man child:

Perhaps part of the reason these women fail to find commitment-free sex liberating is that they continue to harbor desires for monogamous love, marriage, and children. D. E. Rasso relates how, after weeks of repairing to the room of an older college classmate for sex that left her ‘bruised, scratched, and — one time — bleeding,’ she finally mustered the courage to inquire of him if they were ‘going out.’ His reply was, ‘No. Of course we aren’t. . . . I’m at a point in my life where monogamy isn’t my style.’ She was crushed.

Yes, my whole problem with finding liberating commitment-free sex, is all the harboring I’m doing. Rasso and I have so much in common. I often repair men’s rooms for weeks and allow them to scratch me until I muster the courage to ask if all of this means we’re officially monogamously en route to love, marriage, and children.

Rasso responds, “I really would’ve liked it to also say something like ‘She is the Antichrist,’ but I don’t mean to sound like an ingrate.” She must be at a point in her life where being an ingrate isn’t her style. The National Review would be crushed.


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