More on Haiti Part 6


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Writers Edwidge Danticat and Simon Winchester are rallying for Haiti. Winchester will be holding a fundraiser at the Manhattan location of Idlewild Books on Tuesday January 19.

Fox News reporter breaks down on the air while reproting from Haiti.

The Search Dog Foundation has been in Haiti since yesterday helping to locate survivors.

France should make reparations to Haiti (via Mac McClelland).

The USS Carl Vinson has arrived off the coast of Haiti and started assisting in recovery operations.

The Reid Report is one of the better south Florida political blogs, and they have a good overview of the current situation on the ground.

The UN reports that looting of its food stores has been limited, but that security is an issue.

Catholic Legal Services and the Catholic Charities Arm of the Miami Archdiocese want to recreate Operation Pedro Pan, this time for Haitian orphans, and airlift them to the US.

The NY Times has created its own Twitter list for Haiti updates.

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Haiti–Ways to Help.
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