More on Haiti, Part 2


I’ll be doing this until further notice. Any tips or suggestions should be sent to Brian at [email protected]

A couple more suggestions for places to donate: The Hunger Site, Partners in Health, and UNICEF.

If you’re in south Florida and want to make donations of things like blankets, tents, batteries, candles, clothing, medicine and canned food, there are collections points here: 1st and Alton, south beach, South Miami Collection Point (Tara Sokolow or Vicki Simons): Simons and Green 5842 Sunset Drive Mon-Fri 10am-5pm Collection Point #2 (Jude Papaloko): Jakmel Art Gallery 7646 Biscayne Blvd. A former student of mine is working closely with this effort, which is why I feel safe suggesting it.

The US has announced that it is pausing the deportation of Haitian refugees, but has refused to afford Haitians the immigration protections typically offered to victims of war or disaster, also known as granting Temporary Protected Status. You can contact the State Department and the White House directly, or you can sign this petition sponsored by CREDO Mobile.

The Miami Herald is streaming Twitter feeds from Haiti. They also have a slideshow with some graphic images.

Fox News’s Shep Smith agrees with our assessment of Pat Robertson, albeit in milder terms.

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