Poetic Lives Online: Links by Brian Spears


It’s Saturday night and it’s poetry time. Who else is excited?

I always figured the Irish got excited about poetry. Roddy Doyle says otherwise.

I’m late to the game in discovering the Poetry Foundation’s podcasts, but I’m having some fun listening to them. I liked Ron Silliman’s discussion of writing a poem with an eraser, as well as Carmine Starnino’s “Are Poets Lazy Bastards?”

41 popular moves in contemporary poetry.

I’m double-dipping a little here, as Elisa Gabbert helped on the above link, but I really liked this piece from her website on publishing the poem, not the poet.

John Gallaher asks what it means to be a careerist in poetry.

Twitter recommendation for this week is January Magazine. They do more than just poetry–sometimes they just tweet news story links–but they’re very active and informative.

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