Politics Sunday


Gangland tours of LA, with one helluva waiver.

In New Orleans, what happens when sex workers are prosecuted as sex offenders.

A brilliantly written profile of a sniper.

“(M)y grandmother’s feet were bound in China, and there were people here in the U.S. who said, “This is horrific.” And there were people in China who said, “This is horrific.” I am so glad they said it was horrific. If they’d said, “Oh no we can’t interfere in anyone’s culture,” then my mother’s feet would have been bound, then my feet would have been bound.” — Sheryl WuDunn is interviewed by Katherine Dykstra at Guernica

And finally, obscenity laws and Lady Chatterley’s Lover in The Walrus.

Note: Brian Spears has a great collection of resources on Haiti, so I’m not going to repeat them here. But if you can, help out.

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