National Poetry Month: Day 22. “Guaranteed to Work Throughout Its Useful Life” by Steven D. Schroeder


Guaranteed to Work Throughout Its Useful Life

Okay, leverage it in an awesome way.
1. Open the onboarding manual, even if your paradigm shift is mission-critical.
2. Matrix memo: you should be actionable to reengineer processes!
5. To create a client-centric value-add, adhere to the due diligence of an SVP thought leader.
3. On a whitepaper or benchmark, disseminate best practices as a consultant on viral marketing.
4. Seamlessly integrate your pipeline into the key performance indicator, evangelizing lessons-learned analyses.
5. Architect holistic metrics, change agent. Impact direct reports without executive dashboards!
6. Spearhead expectations management to penetrate accounts, not to underperform.
7. Paperless lifecycles cannot be repurposed for equity. Offshore them onsite.
7. Incentivize scalable realtime roadmap milestones by subject-matter experts in industry regulatory compliance.
8. This deliverable will align with your core competencies, more so than feasibility studies with mentees.
9. Yes, you are success in every enterprise-wide infrastructure development project!

Steven D. Schroeder

Steven D. Schroeder’s first book of poetry, Torched Verse Ends, appeared in 2009 from BlazeVOX [books]. He edits the online poetry journal Anti-, serves as a contributing editor for River Styx, and works as a Certified Professional Résumé Writer.

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