Politics Sunday


Remember the Wikileaks video depicting the killing of twelve people, including two children and a journalist, in Iraq? Well, one of the soldiers responsible has written a formal letter of apology. He also claims that when he expressed regret and sought counseling after the incident, he was told, “Don’t be a pussy.”

It’s like Star Wars for mosquitoes, and Bill Gates wants it to help end malaria.

CSI, Bones, and other crime dramas make jurors think they know more than they do, screwing up trials all over the place. It’s called “The CSI Effect.”

Morocco is implementing new laws that will make it one of the greenest countries in the region. The capital, Rabat, was chosen as a “premiere host” for Earth Day, the first time “an Arab country in Africa has been selected for such a prestigious ceremony.”

The official Arizona state tourism Facebook page seems to be suffering a little from the fact that its government and 70% of its likely voters support a recently passed immigration law that allows people to be detained purely on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant, among other terrifying things.

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